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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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as well. >> let's take a look in a little bit. this is just to warm you up, get you going. they will be hanging out with us for part of the morning. let me let you know a couple of things. temperatures this morning in the 30s for the most part. we do have some temperatures in the 20s. slap shot and screech don't even need me apparently. we'll warm up quite nicely. our temperatures will be in the 50s later on today. let's listen to and watch. tch.
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. [music] >> everybody can dance. come on out here. everybody dance. stuff a truck 2011 coming to you from the brentwood giant. here comes free from wpgc. she is in it too. we want the volunteers, everybody dancing. come on by, make a don't, a. we've got to feed the hugery people in the washington, d.c. area and help out the folk at the capital area food bank. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. right now, let's go to julie wright. julie, you know you want to be out here doing this. come on, girl. >> number one, free look like she needs to go to the bathroom and slap shot, he can shake his tail feathers. on the roads, you'll find lanes are open, no problems reported in you are traveling 395 coming across the 14th street bridge headed across the potomac. the crew in sky fox above an
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accident right now which is tying up your commute along route 7 just at middletown road. that is where we have the dent activity. you will fine some traffic is able to get by under police direction as you guys work your way along route 7. expect some delays with traffic stacking up. one car involved. not quite sure if this bus was involved. but it is stopped at the scene. there is some question there. some traffic under police direction able to get by but this is affecting your commute on the inbound stretch of route 7 as you travel west of bueller road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, at the height of the iraq war, the united states operated over 500 bases in iraq. now, we only have a couple. early this morning, the u.s. officially handed over the central base in baghdad. the base used to be one of saddam hussein's palaces. it is part ever the u.s. pullout from iraq.
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a maryland man kidnapped and held captive in pakistan for months and now al-qaeda's top leader says he is being held hostage. sherry ly has the latest details for us. >> reporter: this is the first time that anyone has claimed responsibility for warren weinstein's kidnapping. but despite its claims, al- qaeda showed no proof that he is still alive. in a new recording, al-qaeda's leader claim the terror group has dr. weinstein and will bargain for him release. weinstein is from rockville and has worked in pakistan for self years. the 70-year-old aid worker was kidnapped from his heavily fortified home in pakistan nearly four months ago. al-qaeda claims it will release him for the u.s. stops air strikes in muslim countries and releases terror suspects. >> it is an extensive claim. it is not just stop bombing afghanistan and pakistan, there is also close guantanamo bay, release al-qaeda prisoners
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release all members of bin laden's family. to me, the indication is that they're planning to kill weinstein. >> reporter: because it took so long for al-qaeda to come forward, our terrorism expert believes that the terror network did not not kidnap weinstein from his home but has paid for him and is holding him as you abargaining tool. this is the first that dr. wipe steen's family had heard anything about his with where abouts and they remain hopeful about al-qaeda's claims that he is alive. there is another maryland man, alan gross who is serving 15 years in a cuban prison. dozens of members of congress september --dentt -- sent a letter to cuba to ask for his release. >> he is really depressed, angry. even i had a hard time making hum smile or laugh when i saw
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him. from every bottle of water that he drinks, he takes -- peel the little rim off the top and puts them together somehow and any time he has a visitor, he gives them a bracelet. >> alan grows lives in potomac. he has been in a cuban prison for two years now. the senate defeated two plans to renew the payroll tax cut. four democrats china joined republicans in blocking the democratic proposal to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires to pay for the payroll tax cut. that is due to expire at the end of the month. it is the cent are piece of president obama's jobs plan. more than two dozen senate republicans also voted to kill an alternative plan backed by job leader mitch mcconnell. >> we tried the payroll cut tax last year. i supported it. but i will not double down on the feld policy. >> our plan protects social
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security and reduces the federal deficit by more than $111 billion. president obama respond by saying senate republicans chose to raise taxes on nearly 160 million hard-working americans because they refuse to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. you will hear that a lot this morning. today is our annual stuff a truck campaign. can you help by calling the number on your screen if you would hike to call in a monetary donation. one of our volunteers will be happy to take your call. >> we are also collecting food at the locations on your screen. the truck will be there until 11:00 tonight. police help out your neighbor. >> and tucker barnes joins us now from montrose crossing in
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rockville. what is what's going on? >> i want to encourage everybody to come on down. sun is coming up and temperatures were warming up out here. i'm joined by crystal with the capital area food bank and we have one of our first donation, mr. michael hill. >> he has a personal plea. >> i have a challenge to extent out to all the employees at bob- bmw and especially mr. brian blakesly. >> you're calling him out. >> make a donation,. >> this is a personal donation from you. >> from my mother and the hill family of gaithersburg, maryland. >> we have a personal challenge here. we appreciate you coming out and joining us i. >> i thank you very kindly.
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crystal, i want to talk to you. tell us about what a great cause this is. tell us about what you guys do year round and what we can expect today. >> the capital area food bank has been around over 30 years, serving the community, washington, d.c., prince george's countiy and northern virginia. there are over 641,000 people at risk of hunger. this is the largest food drive ever. >> how much food did you raise last year and what are we hoping to raise this year? >> we raised over 54,000 pounds laugh year and over $125,000 this year and we just want to top it this year. >> we'll be out here. we are at several stops around the area. tell me what kind of food do you professor? what can you put to the best use? anything nonperishable. we would love to have protein, canned tune arc peanut butter, fruits and vegetables. >> all that is good. >> you will distribute it to needy families as soon as you collect it. >> we have over 700 agencies that he work with as partners. direct distribution. >> let's talk a little bit. i know today is a big day but you work year round. tell us about some of another events you are involved in and
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about how this is a year-round cause. >> we have community food drives all year bound -- all year round but this one, because we have great partners, it gets us out into the community. it is all hand on deck. that is how we raise so much food and money. we need food, fun and friends. we need volunteers, food and money and we appreciate every bit. >> michael put out a challenge. we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. please come down and join us. we would love to have your canned goods helping the needy through 11:00 tonight. with the sun coming up, it will be a nice day. >> i'll toss it back to you guys. >> thank you so much. >> the stuff a truck campaign continues when we come back. we'll check in with tony perkins. >> tony is at the giant food store in brentwood. dave ross is also out there. he will join him along with big
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tigger and free from wpgc to talk about the weekend's redskins game. >> also, some news you want to hear before you hit the road this morning. julie has it covered up there near montrose road. a lot of taillight as folks head in this morning. -- a lot of taillights as folks head in this morning. 
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on the ellipse last night, the president and first family lit the christmas tree as part of the pagett of piece. thousands turned out to watch the event hosted by carson daley and appearances from kermit the frotime rush, santa claus and a whole bunch more. there's big time rush. down on the ellipse, not too cold either. little chilly this morning for our 10th annual stuff a truck
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campaign, but you can warm the hearts of a lot of people. you can help the capital-area food bank this morning by calling if you'd like to make a monetary donation to the capital area food bank. we are also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, ohio atsville on east -- hyattsville and green briar shopping center. it's all day long, folks. it's now through 11:00 tonight. let's check in right now with mr. tony perkins who is out at the giant in brentwood with some special guests. >> but without the fedora, what is going on? >> it's not 10 degrees out this morning. >> i thought it was a style thing. tony, what's happening? reporter: well, you know, it's not as cold as it has been and i wanted to demonstrate that in some way. apparently our news director does not like my hat. >> he is a man of style. reporter: that's the real
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deal. all right. stuff a truck 2011, we have special guests with us from wpgc. >> good morning, everybody. reporter: and our own dave ross is on here. i like this, dave. reporter: this is like old times for us coming out in the cold. [ laughter ] >> tony, you and i talk a little bit of football and big football fans as well, so help us out a little bit breaking down the redskins and the jets on sunday. reporter: let's break it down. >> we're going to start with free. the reason i asked you first is i know you're not originally from this area. but you've come to love the burgundy and gold? >> i support the team. >> and you don't like the jtsss. >> i kind of like them because they're the color of the celtics, but, no, i don't have the love. i hope the redskins get it together and they do a good game. why couldn't they do this all season? >> that's the big question, rex
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grossman, right, he's 4-4 as a starting quarterback, 0-3 with john beck. if they had started grossman this whole season, would this season still be salvageable? >> we might be .500 and we still have the toughest part of our schedule in front of us. again, i'm watching the seattle game like, who is this team out here, who are you guys? >> you saw the emergence of roy halu last week. >> the hurdle was awesome. 146 yards. write this stuff down because i can't memorize it total offense against san frank and last week 162 and his first touchdown and that great hurdle we've seen all week long. do you think this is legit? is this the guy we should have seen all season long? >> i can't complain about the draft. halu has been awesome. >> carrigan has been a beast. >> he's a monster. we have some pieces.
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>> send it to the patriots. good morning haynesworth. >> someone picked him up. >> this is going to be interesting. the guy that did the plaxico burress burress johnson, i can't believe he did that. he must have budgeted out the fine ahead of time. he had to. >> the four of us are all in agreement that that was pretty funny. >> the fact remains he did get fined $15,000. so don't shoot yourself in the leg or mock plaxico burress. >> what do you have? >> one word. this is not hard, this is football and i'm a girl. defense, man! defense! get it together! reporter: the jets are always like the big, bad jets, right? the skins are 11th in the league. >> right there. they gotta pick it up. >> we got some issues with plax ico. >> he was the defensive player of the week last week.
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>> the roy haloop play was one of the nfl's plays of the week. >> it should have been number one. >> it was number four. reporter: can we do official prediction time? >> we're going to do a short weather in just a moment. >> go ahead, we'll start with you. >> this sunday, redskins 24, jets 21. >> this sunday patriots win. i'm kidding. redskins just win the game because if not i gotta deal with this man at 6:00 in the morning. please, just win the game. >> tony perkins -- >> obviously if he doesn't bring us breakfast, he's upset about things, we gotta calm him down, massages, just win. [ laughter ] >> i honestly believe the redskins will win and set up a huge game with your patriots. yeah! you're going to go down. >> no, we're not going down.
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>> we have a radio show to do anyway. >> maybe there's some shoulder massages going on, i don't know. we're all in agreement that the redskins get it done on sunday and meet the new york jets. >> i love it. dave ross, thank you very much, fox sports. let me tell you this, coldest morning in the 20s and 30s. later today we're looking for a high of 56 degrees. that's your weather forecast. now let's go to julie wright and find out what's happening with the traffic. reporter: tony, busy on the roads right now, the crew in sky fox is with us. they're checking out the commute. as you travel inbound on route 7 trying to work your way past beulah, we have a crash involving a bus. one lane is getting by. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride here at the american legion bridge, traffic flowing freeley coming across the bridge, headed out to tysons corner. no issues there. your lanes are open traveling southbound off 270 coming in from germantown heading out towards the divide.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> annually, thank you. honda has issued a worldwide recall because of potentially faulty airbags. the japanese car maker says some airbags could inflate with too much pressure during a crash. the recall involves about 304,000 vehicles most sold in the u.s. it includes the accord, civic, odyssey, pilot, crv and other models from 2001 and 2002. so far there have been 20 accidents relate today this problem, two people have -- relate today this problem. two people have died. owners of these models should contact honda. general motors announce td will buy back any chevy volts from owners if they are worried that their car will catch fire. safety concerns were raised after the battery pack three cars caught fire during testing. no fires have been reported from actual owners. the ceo at gm maintains the cars are safe but wants to keep customers happy. the time right now 7:21 on this friday morning. our commuter news not complete
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yet. up next news for you metro riders out there. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. the droid razr by motorola.
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monitoring metro now and a lot of track work this weekend will cause more delays. just be aware that six metro stations will be closed. they are brooklyn, takoma, silver spring, forest, glenn, wheaton and goaltend mont. you will notice those readline trains running between the rhode island avenue and glen month stations. unfortunately another fare increase coming to metro. we don't know how much. metro phasing a $1 -- facing a $1.25 million deficit last year. >> the board met last night to discuss the increase. one proposal would eliminate that peak of the peak surcharge. others that have cards would play a flat fee of $3 or $6
7:25 am
depending on where you get on. now other plans call for peak fares to stay the same, but off peak would now only be 10% less. critics say that that would only cause more people to ride during the busiest time. 7:25 right now on this friday morning. we are about an hour out from new unemployment numbers. coming up in our next half hour, we'll take a look at why today's news may not give much hope to the unemployed. then today is our annual stuff a truck campaign, our effort to raise money and collect food for the capital area food bank. >> i'm seeing a lot of empty bins right now. >> let's get it going, guys. our weather guys are out there accepting your donations. they're in rockville in northeast d.c. we're going to check in with tony and tucker when we come back. 
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7:29 right now as we continue our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign which does not seem like it has been 10 years since we started this event. >> no. >> time flies right on by, but you at home have been a huge help over the years and we hope you step up again this year. if you can't make it out to one of our locations, hopefully you're in the vicinity of a telephone which you can pick up and punch in these numbers and call with a monetary donation. these volunteers got up extra early to help us out this
7:29 am
morning and field your phone calls. that number 202-895-3307. >> looking at the faces of those on the front lines right there, always in the fight. we're doing what we can to help out. we're also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville, montrose crossing and the green briar shopping center now through 11:00. now, we've got two of those spots covered today with our people. let's check in now with tony perkins at the giant in brentwood. hi, tony. reporter: good morning, allison, good morning, steve and everybody. having a great time out here at brentwood this morning. i gotta say it's been very lively and we have a lot of donations coming in. we need more, but we're very happy for everyone who stopped by. we have someone who pulled up in this car just a moment ago and unloading. in fact, we've had slapshot unloading from the back of this car donations so that is absolutely wonderful. we appreciate all the nonperrishable food items, cash donations and the like. bring it on out.
7:30 am
we want you to come by and stop here to help us stuff a truck for 2011. joining us now is chief kennett elerby, d.c. fire and especially. thanks for coming out here. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you too. reporter: we know it's a busy time for you, glad you stopped by. tell us about your commitment to capital area food bank and the importance of getting folks out here? >> these are tough economic times for everybody and we know if we can we should help each other. am i my brother's keeper? the reality is yes, especially in these tough economic times. i came out here to purchase some items and put them in the stuff a truck just to show my commitment to people. reporter: we have to say thank you because the fire department every year you guys are out here in force and you're helping a lot of folks throughout the year, not just at this time of year and we do appreciate that. >> i appreciate it too. we have a tremendous fire fighting force, we have a tremendous department and their commitment to community service is something that should always be applauded. reporter: very good. we'll let you do some -- we'll let you do some shopping if you haven't done it already.
7:31 am
>> 10 items. reporter: thank you, chief, we appreciate it. good to see you. that is one of the things to remember, selected items giant 10 for 10, 10 items for $10. you can bring it right out here and put it right in the bins. as soon as we load these bins up, we will be putting them in the truck. we've got one truck out here and we'll bring as many out as we need. we want you to keep coming by. we're here until 11:00 p.m. tonight, so come on by, make your donations. we've got a lot of other stuff going on. flat trot is here, screech is here. we'll have music later on this morning. big ticker is here from wpgc, cbs radio, of course, one of the cosponsors along with giant food for the capital area food bank stuff a truck 2011. we're going to have more coming up in a little bit. right now we want to go to rockville. tucker barnes is at montrose crossing. tucker, how is it going out there? reporter: hey, tony, a lot of fun out here. still a little on the chilly side, but with sunshine expected to break out across the area, we are going to be in for a great day. remember, we're out here until
7:32 am
11:00 tonight. let's get down to business. we have our small list donation, yes, and i'm not talking about in the way of food, i'm talking about in the way of contributor. what's your name? >> natalie. reporter: natalie, what did you bring this morning? did you bring food? yeah? anybody you want to say hi to? all right. natalie and her mom. i'm sorry, mom, i didn't get your name. >> anna. reporter: have come from? >> silver springs. reporter: and we potentially you coming to join -- and we appreciate you coming to join us this morning. >> anything we can do to help. reporter: we'll be down here until 11:00 tonight. natalie thanks so much for your big donation. >> you're welcome. reporter: let's do a quick weather forecast, keep it moving here. temperatures currently at or below freezing across much of the area. in washington at last look we're in the mid-30s and i think we'll be in the mid-30s for another hour or two. but late this afternoon lots of sunshine and we're expecting a great looking day. here's the great part, light winds and temperatures expected to be in the mid-50s a little bit later this afternoon.
7:33 am
there's your satellite radar. i don't have anything to show you. a few clouds today, but a mostly sunny day, bright and beautiful. high temperatures expected to be in the mid-50s, warmer than yesterday. we'll go 56 degrees, lots of sunshine expected this afternoon. let's talk about the five-day forecast real quick, let's talk about the weekend, dry conditions both saturday and sunday. if you're going to the redskins game, we got the jets sunday afternoon, it looks perfect. we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s, mild afternoon. looks like some rain and mild temperatures to start early next week. steady as she goes here as we get into the month of december. i will be here down in montrose at the montrose giant. please come down and join me until 10:00 this morning, we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. julie, my challenge for you is you should come down and see me. i hear rumors you're going to see tony. reporter: i gotta go see the pcg family and tony p. reporter: come see us. reporter: no problems getting to where tucker is right now,
7:34 am
off of 355, an easy trip right there at the montrose crossing shopping center, easy to get to off of the pike. no problems to report southbound along 270. the crew in sky fox, this is where they've been hovering, eastbound route 7 after beulah, that's where we have the crash involving the bus. one car has been loaded up and taken away from the scene. now you're going to find if you're traveling inbound on route 7, looks like we have all lanes open as you continue in towards the beltway. outbound no problems to report. we'll take you back inside and update you on the loop from van dorn road, heavy and steady but lanes are open heading towards the wilson bridge. lanes open on the american legion bridge between tysons and 270. that's it for your on time traffic. >> thanks, julie. 7:35 right now. checking stories making headlines this morning. police in leesburg are investigating the shooting death of a 39-year-old man. it happened in the 800 block of vailmont terrace after 10:00 last night. that man pronounced dead on the scene. no word of any motive or
7:35 am
suspects. a d.c. postal worker was robbed right outside his job. a postal inspector tells us an employee walked out of the post office at 14th and tee streets northwest around 6:30 last night and that's when a man approached him, ordered the worker to give him all of his cash and any money orders he had on him. the postal worker was then forced into the back of his mail truck and locked inside. police are now searching for the robber. dupont circle restaurant and club will not be getting back its liquor license anytime soon. the liquor board says it will continue to suspend the license of heritage india. a man was killed outside of the club over the weekend after a fight started inside and spilled out onto the street. six people in all were either shot or stabbed during that brawl. the board said the restaurant is violating a number of safety issues and poses a danger to the public. the restaurant, however, can still appeal that ruling. herman cain's wife says she did not know about his friendship with a woman who says the two had a 13-year
7:36 am
affair. gloria cane also says she didn't know he was providing her with money. gloria cain tells a new hampshire newspaper that he helped ginger white with the monthly bills but never told his wife. he is also denying he had a sexual relationship with that woman. new unemployment numbers coming out in just about an hour or so. >> it comes as congress tries to decide whether to renew long- term unemployment insurance which is about to run out. doug luzader has more of what's to come. reporter: we may hear from the president on these new numbers later this morning, but the unemployment rate is not expected to change, stuck at 9%. this morning's news may not give much hope to the millions of americans on the nation's unemployment lines. the job postings are still scarce and for many the clock is ticking on long-term unemployment benefits that expire at the end of the month. >> make sure to renew unemployment insurance during the holidays. reporter: the president -- president obama has been hammering republicans over the
7:37 am
unemployment insurance extension. in truth there is some bipartisan support on capitol hill to extend the benefits along with renewing the payroll tax cut. the question is how to pay for it. >> that shouldn't be money we take from some place else to give to them. that's an emergency and that's how we should treat it. reporter: there is little doubt that many americans need the help, but some economists say that long-term benefits, nearly two years in some cases actually put off tough decisions, like relocating to better jobs markets and that slows the recovery, an argument put forward by the new republican presidential frontrunner newt gingrich. >> i think that giving people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing is essentially destructive and is both harmful to them, harmful to society and a waste of your money. reporter: but that could be a politically risky position at a time when so many americans are looking for jobs. and more storm clouds perhaps on the horizon. some economists expect another slowdown next year because of the european debt crisis.
7:38 am
in washington, doug luzader, fox news. 7:38 right now on this friday morning. today we need your help to help the less fortunate. >> our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign is under way and we are accepting monetary and food donations for the capital area food bank. we're going to check in on the efforts when we come back. as we go to break right now, a special holiday greeting. >> hello, my name is colonel richard and i'm serving at headquarters in kabul, afghanistan. i'd like to wish a happy holidays to my wife and my daughter, diane and lexi in washington d.c. ♪
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[ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance.
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northrop grumman. happy stuff a truck day, it is friday, the 2nd of december. it is our day to stuff many trucks, not just one. >> that's right. >> many, many trucks across the d.c. region. you can help the capital area food bank in so many ways.
7:42 am
one way is making a phone call and making a donation. we would love to keep these folks busy all day long. they are manning the phone calls here in is studio b this morning. you can call them and make a monetary donation. no amount is too small, every dollar helps. >> i love how they're all busy right now, steve, that's the best looking picture right there. we are also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville on east/west highway, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center now through 11:00 tonight. time to check in with our good friend tucker barnes who has been out at the giant at montrose crossing in rockville. tucker getting a little groove on this morning, now joined by the capital area food bank's ambassador against hunger. >> the fabulous -- >> model extraordiere. reporter: i find that music
7:43 am
catchy. as soon as the sun started coming up, people really started coming out here. steve talked about it, and the big introduction, i'm joined by none other than paul wharton, the ambassador for hunger for the capital area food bank. paul, thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you, tucker. reporter: before we get started, this is a fabulous jacket. >> do you like this? it's cold out here. reporter: you gotta little bit of everything going on. >> like the song says, baby, it's cold outside. it warms my heart to see the washingtonians coming out to donate these goods that are so needed. i want to thank the family at fox 5 first of all, because without a media outlet like you guys we couldn't get our voices out there to be heard. thank you, tucker, thank you in the studio. as ambassador against hunger, it's my mission to get out in the community and spread the word about some of the hunger issues we're faced with here in d.c. reporter: it's really a year round issue, it's not just during the holidays so this is a great cause and you guys work
7:44 am
hard. >> to me this kind of kicks off the year. we couldn't do this also without the great corporate support of another ally of ours which is general motors. general motors back when we did our blue jeans ball at the capital area food bank, i asked them to support us. they stepped right up to sponsor, and now fast forward to stuff a truck, we're here, we went out shopping yesterday and we stuffed not one, but two of the brand new hot chevy sonic ltd. reporter: i saw the car over in the corner and i said i never seen that car before. >> somebody else was asking me. tucker, you know i roll like that. i only go with brand new. reporter: i got it. >> the good thing is what's on the inside. and this is all going to the capital area food bank, so the good people at gm not only donated these products, but they also said because of the loyalty that washingtonians have shown gm, they're out here giving away visa gift cards to help pay it forward to thick
7:45 am
coming out to this -- to anybody coming out to this giant. you're going to get a visa gift card to help donate more food to the food bank. reporter: fantastic. as ambassador for hunger, tell me what other roles you play in the help of the capital area food bank. >> we need funds and we need food. and i want to use what i do in my media platform to get out there and reach the fans, reach the people, reach the corporate supporters, corporate supporters, answer my phone call like gm did. we need your help, we need your support because like you said, this is a year round battle. hunger never sleeps, and i really want to put a dent in it while i'm ambassador against hunger. reporter: you heard it from me, now you heard it from paul. tony, as i toss it over to you, i hear you have wpgc, you don't have paul, huh? >> you don't have me. but you can get me. reporter: we don't have paul, but we've got dave ross that's here. reporter: that's a good stand. reporter: and what paul was just talking about with the
7:46 am
whole gm deal, take a look at this car. this is one of the brand new cars, the chevy sonic. reporter: they're not donating the car, though, right? reporter: i tried to get them to give me this car, they wouldn't do it. julia is with gm, she's at the back. she's got someone helping her. they are unloading some of the donations here from gm. absolutely fantastic. we love this, bottled water, paper towels, nonperrishable food items, toiletries and the like and all of that. >> you can see people have been coming in all morning and they're starting to fill these things up pretty much and they're going to load those up on the truck once they get filled, correct? >> once these baskets are filled up, we're going to load them into the capital area food bank truck. they serve so many people across the washington metropolitan area. the need is great this year, some 640,000 people in this area at risk of hunger everyday. want to mention with gm, i couldn't hear if they were doing this at tucker's location, they probably are, but if you come by, you make a donation, if you happen to be
7:47 am
driving a gm car, they will give you a $20 gift card, so that's pretty cool. >> but not that gm card. reporter: you have to be driving your own car. >> part of the deal. reporter: that makes sense. they'll give you one of these. we have 50 of these, so that's absolutely fantastic, we thank them for that. got a lot more stuff going on too. >> come on out. people have been coming up to say hello to tony perkins. come out and say hi to us. it's not that cold, it's a beautiful day, sun is out. we'll be here all morning. come out and hang out. reporter: don't be shy. mainly beautiful young women coming up to him. >> always encourage them. reporter: it is a nice morning, we're in the 30s, we'll be in the mid-50s later on. let's find out what's happening with traffic. julie is standing by, she has the latest on that. hey, julie. reporter: hey, guys. i think it's an easy trip to get into northeast washington. no incidents to report along kenelworth avenue or new york avenue. there's one stretch of brake
7:48 am
lights at blatensburg road. traveling across the american legion bridge, traffic looks good in each direction. southbound 270 the lanes are open, the outer loop from van dorn street headed towards telegraph road, heavy volume here but no incidents to report. nice and clear out of germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. >> yeah. another close call for buoy resident marcus canty. for the second straight week he was close, but that is the operative word, steve, close to being booted off the show. but marcus survives, yay, he survived the cut. he's now in the top five. unfortunately young drew and actro both sent packing last night. i was surprised at astro. i thought of the michael
7:49 am
jackson night he was the best performer, i really did. i thought he took it and made it his own. >> he seems to be one of the faces of the show, one of the persons they talk about, astro. he makes it exciting. >> and, you know, he would write his own rap, that's not easy to do. every night he really brought originality to the show. guess what. my prediction is jay >> was already on the phone to him. he'll be fine. >> he'll do just fine. we're hoping you help us out on this friday morning. there is also a brand new member of the fox 5 family and you might be able to guess what we're talking about. >> holly morris is a mama. more on her little bundle of joy coming up after 8:00. stay with us. 
7:50 am
7:51 am
to war zones. and that can be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's gdp; a rebirth made possible by the international business and tourism management programs at rochester institute of technology. [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids.
7:52 am
[ baby coughing ] today is our 10th annual
7:53 am
stuff a truck campaign. we are also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center now through 11:00 tonight. you certainly don't have to leave home to help. you can also just pick up your telephone, make a monetary donation if you call our hotline this morning and that number is 202-895-3307. and you will talk with one of these great people who have joined us this morning. >> who are not on the phones now which would be a really great time to call again. >>late get them ringing while -- let's get them ringing while we're talking now. susan, you're just one of the great people who have come in early this morning. you help out with the food bank when you're not in here answering the phones. tell us about the need that's out there and what you've been hearing from folks so far this morning. >> we serve over 700 different organizations in this area and the need has rised 25% from
7:54 am
2006. so it's definitely on the rise. >> i know it's been tough the last couple of years and tough for a lot of organizations, nonprofits and those who are searching for funds just because the economy has been down and we hear so much that people aren't giving as much, but we don't often think that means a lot more people need to help, right? >> that's true. that's absolutely true. this is one of the first times we're seeing people coming from the middle class and coming into the food bank and needing assistance now. so the need is great. >> but those may be who are just getting their minds around the concept of the capital area food bank. it really is a food bank and you serve many other organizations. can you tell us about that? >> sure. we're a distribution center, so we're the place where all these different organizations come so could be a soup kitchen an after-school program, it could be a senior center, an emergency pantry and they come to the capital area food bank and then take back that food and it behooves their program in so many different ways.
7:55 am
>> allison and i have been fortunate enough to come down and see the operation. >> great. >> not just the facilities you have, but to see the folks coming in. it's wonderful to see, but you want to make sure you see it when it's stocked all the time as well. >> right. >> how are you doing as far as being able to help out more people each year? as the need grows, are you able to help meet that need? >> this event will help us meet that need and that's what's so special about today. yes, because as the need grows, we've had trouble keeping up with demand and so we really appreciate everyone's help today. >> for folks calling in, folks at home that want to help, folks may be intimidated and say they need to give a lot, you'll take anything at this point? >> every dollar is three meals -- >> say that again, susan. >> every dollar you give equals three meals in this community. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you, but i find that very mind blowing that you can give such a little amount and help so many people. >> to put a face on it, put a number on it and realize you can help people with a very
7:56 am
small donation. the folks are calling, right? >> yes, they are. thank you. >> the phones lit up as soon as we started talking with you. yours is ringing too. we'll let you pick up that phone, susan. thanks so much for helping us out this morning. thank you as well. we want to tell you before we go to break that our stuff a truck coverage will continue next hour. we want to give a big thank you to everybody that's helping out. >> we sure do, everybody that's out at these locations and these are our sponsors too. you can read those for yourself. we really appreciate you helping us try to help our neighbors this season. let's just imagine, stuff a truck 2011 is going to be a huge success, even bigger than last year, but we need your help. we'll be right back.  to make a commitment
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♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup good morning. welcome to our special friday edition of fox 5 morning news, our stuff a truck edition.
8:00 am
>> today is our 10th annual stuff a truck. this is a campaign that's been going on for a decade. we are so happy we get this opportunity to help those in need. you can help the capital area food bank this holiday season right now by calling 202-895- 3307 with your monetary donations. we just said it, we just heard it, $1 buys three meals. >> fantastic. >> i love that. here's the number. >> help out the capital area food bank. if you would like to donate the actual food products or if you want to drop off a check in person or you can just run into one of these giant locations and buy some food. we are collecting it all at the giant food stores in brentwood in the district of colombia northeast d.c., hyattsville on east west highway, montrose crossing up in rockville and the greenbier shopping center in the fairfax, channel tilly area. -- chantilly area. let's start this our with
8:01 am
tony perkins. tony is out in brentwood. >> hey, tony. reporter: i gotta tell you guys -- good morning, everybody. i think we're having the most fun we've had at one of these stuff a trucks. a lot of stuff going on out here. a lot of folks have come by, very happy with the response. we want to encourage more people to come by, bring their nonperrishable food items and the like to donate to stuff a truck 2011. the need is great. i want to thank the d.c. area firefighters and especially crews. they just made a -- and ems crews. i want to introduce two young ladies here. actually, this is holly. holly was not here last year. hi, holly. >> i was here last year. reporter: you were here last year, oh, okay. well, we're glad you're here again. i know you made a donation, thank you very much. this young girl, you may remember from last year, i got a lot of flack because i asked her what her name was and i repeated what i thought she said, and i got back to the station and people said how could you say that. >> my name is dinosaur.
8:02 am
reporter: dinosaur. that is what you're saying, correct? >> yes. reporter: dinosaur, that's what you want to be known as, right? >> that's my real name. reporter: i thought your real name was something else. i thought your real name was -- >> dakota. reporter: but you want to be known as dinosaur? >> that's my real name. reporter: dinosaur. thank you very much, sign daughter. both of our -- thank you very much dinosaur. what is going on here? they've got two new members who apparently have not practiced with the rest of the group but our own annie yu and dave ross are out here. we got screech, slapshot, lots of fun. come on out, donate, you know i got to get in here too. we're doing some exercising and warming up. yeah! stuff a truck 2011, very nice out here. tucker barnes is in rockville with more details on the weather. i'm old school, baby. tucker, take it away.
8:03 am
reporter: tony, thank you so much. i don't know what you got going on over there, but i've got 100 dancers. are you guys ready to dance? [ cheers ] reporter: you guys going to give it your all? [ cheers ] reporter: how's that, huh? coming up in a few minutes we've got lots of dancing out here. we want to encourage everyone to come up to montrose avenue. we're right outside the giant. we're taking contributions here, helping the needy capital area food bank all the way until 11:00 tonight, and you can see we're real excited about it. let's get right to the weather forecast and we'll have more on the dancing coming up in a little bit. currently it's in the 20s if you're outside the beltway here in washington, i'm outside washington, but in downtown washington mid-30s. going to be a beautiful day, a lot of sunshine, light winds expected, and guess what, it's going to warm up. you guys want it to warm up? >> yeah. reporter: there you go, you got a vote of approval for that. temperatures in the 50s later today and we're expecting a lot of sunshine right through the weekend. steve, allison, wave,
8:04 am
everybody. we got more coming up. now we want to go to julie wright, she has the latest with traffic. julie, how's is looking on rockville pike? reporter: finally, you know what it feels like to be justin beiber with a bunch of girls screaming around you. reporter: i feel like it. reporter: enjoy it while it lasts. the rockville pike an easy drive for you guys. if you're heading out to say hello to tucker barnes broadcasting live from the montrose crossing there for stuff a truck 2011. an easy ride here for you along 270 as well. no problems to report coming out of germantown heading out towards the lane divide. no trouble spots at the meaning. traffic flowing freeley -- no trouble spots at the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning the united states has just handed over the i con of the u.s. military in iraq. camp victory in baghdad was
8:05 am
once the headquarters for international forces. it is a massive sprawling complex that used to have a pizza hut, burger king and taco bell. under saddam hussein it was a country club. this morning the u.s. officially handed it back over to iraq, part of the complete pullout from iraq due by the end of this month. al-qaida claiming to hold a rockville man hostage this morning. warren weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan last august. let's get the latest from al- qaida's demands from fox 5's sherry lee. sherry is live in the newsroom this morning. reporter: it has been nearly four months since warren weinstein was kidnapped. al-qaida claims they have them and the terror network wants to bargain for his release. al-qaida leader ayman al- zawahiri demanded the u.s. end airstrikes in afghanistan and pakistan in exchange for dr. weinstein. the video message also called for the release of terror suspects worldwide. the 70-year-old aid worker from rockville has worked in pakistan for years. he was kidnapped by gunmen at
8:06 am
hisfortified home in pakistan. this is the first time anyone has claimed responsibility for his kidnapping and al-qaida claims he's alive despite the fact it provided no proof. friends are hopeful. >> it's terrible for anyone to be used like that. i'm glad that we know something, that he's alive. we didn't know anything. i know his wife has got to be delighted to know that he's still alive because she hadn't heard anything. reporter: weinstein's wife did not want to talk about her husband's case. u.s. officials aren't commenting either. a terror expert told fox 5 al- qaida's demands are impossible and that it has no intention likely of keeping weinstein alive. instead he says it is a way to hurt president obama and terrorize the u.s. steve. >> sherry, thank you. another maryland man is stuck in a cuban prison and lawmakers are asking for his release. alan gross was working for the state department when he was arrested for spying two years ago. his wife just visited him and
8:07 am
she said he's very depressed. >> his spirit is broken, he's really depressed, he's very angry, even i had a hard time making him smile or laugh when i saw him. from every bottle of water he drinks he peels the little rim off of the top and just puts them together somehow, and anytime he has a visitor he gives them a bracelet. >> gross used to live in potomac. he is spending the 15-year sentence in prison in cuba. gross was allegedly in cuba giving out computer equipment to the jewish community to improve their internet access. eight minutes past the hour now on this friday morning. our stuff a truck campaign, of course, continues when we come back. we'll check in with the weather guys who are accepting donations donations at the giant food stores in montrose and brentwood crossing. more on the global car recall that may impact your
8:08 am
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8:11 am
8:11 right now. today is our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign. you can certainly help out. you can help the capital area food bank help a lot of others by calling 202-895-3307. we're taking monetary donations over the phone if that's how you would like to help. allison, $1 helps how much? >> three meals. >> three meals. >> $1 gets you three meals. that goes such a long way for our neighbors. i love that, i can't say it enough, steve, either. we are also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores on hyattsville, montrose crossing which is in rockville and at the greenbriar shopping center in fairfax now through 11:00 tonight. we're going to check in with our weather guys who are out at various locations around the area. now, tucker barnes is out there with some very important people. last time we checked you had 100 screaming girls around you.
8:12 am
>> important indeed. >> we've made things slightly more official. tucker, good morning. reporter: hey, steve, good morning to you. i don't have 100 girl this is time, but i do have somebody special, i have richie bowyers from the montgomery county fire joining us today -- fire department joining us. you get involved every year. >> we do. today we're helping to stuff the truck and we have crews here to go ahead and help with the food bank. reporter: great. i want to thank each and every one of you guys for coming out today and getting involved. tell us what it means to you to be able to help out the community and kind of give back. >> well, certainly that's the thing we do everyday with respect to taking care of the citizens. but these are the things above and beyond guys and girls here in montgomery county do. it's a great opportunity for us to continue to give during not only the holiday season but all year long. reporter: it's gotten cold out and i would suspect this would be fire season in some ways. tell us what we can do as far as preparation and protecting
8:13 am
ourselves. >> absolutely. the first thing is we want to make sure everybody has a working smoke detector. one of the simplest things for people to do is check battery, make sure it's working. if not, give us a call, we'll come back out and install a new smoke detector. we do that free for the residents of montgomery county. the second is without question is make sure you give space heaters space. and then lastly today if you come to stuff a truck here at the giant in rockville, if you give a bag of food, we're going to give you a bag from montgomery county with respect to the bags for people to shop with. so it'll be a great opportunity. reporter: fantastic. i gotta quick question for you, christmas lights, are they a danger for people putting them outdoors, that kind of thing? >> they are. one thing we want to make sure is they are u.l. listed, that means by underwriter laboratories, they're tested to make sure the electrical conduit does not overcapacity, if you will, the circuit so they work correctly. so u.l. listed is what we want.
8:14 am
reporter: you heard it here from the fire chief. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your crew, and you can see they're bringing out the heavy artillery here today. >> here they come. reporter: a beautiful truck. going to be a gorgeous day out here. we want to encourage you guys to come out to montrose giant here on rockville pike. we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. we have a great crowd out here. we're getting lots and lots of contributions. please come out and join us. temperatures today in the mid- 50s, expecting a lot of sunshine. tony, we're having a great time here. i hope you guys are having a good time down in brentwood. over to you. reporter: we're having a great time here, tucker. sounds like we're having a lot of fun this morning, it's a great event, the 10th year for stuff a truck. we are here in brentwood right outside of the giant store, right across from the home depot in northeast washington. we want you to come out. you may remember these folks from last year or the year before, whenever it was. we have tyler here who is the education director and torch club advisory at gillette community center, all about the boys and girls club. good morning and good morning.
8:15 am
please introduce the people who are with you. >> this is soi, she's the our torch club president for our older torch club and this is william right here and he is the vice president for our torch club which is our character and leadership and community service club. reporter: tell us a little bit about what you guys have been doing. before you talk, can we split up just a little bit? i want to see these boxes. all of these boxes with canned goods, i see some bags of beans, pancake, waffle mix. tell me what you guys have been doing. >> we've been caroling for canned food donations throughout the georgetown area. this is a torch club service project. we've been doing it for about the past month or so. it's been a great opportunity for the kids to get out in the community and give back and learn about service, learning in community service. it's really been a lot of fun for the kids. they've learned a lot and it's really just been a great experience overall. reporter: have you had a good time doing this and have people been responsive making their donations? >> yes, they have.
8:16 am
it's been pretty good, having fun, walking around singing. reporter: and, william, how about you? first of all, can i say you're very sharply dressed, handsome young man. tell me what it's like having people make donations and talking to the folks. >> it's been great. we went door to door asking for cans and all the people with great hearts give us these cans of food to feed others that don't have enough food to be fed. reporter: it's been a great response. are you guys going to sing for us? >> yeah, we are going to sing. reporter: what do you want to do? >> we're going to sing "we wish you a merry christmas." reporter: you take it away when you need to take it away. come by brentwood. the boys and girls club and the torch club group. here we are. >> on three, everybody. one, two, three. we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year good
8:17 am
tidings we bring to you and your king, good tidings for merry christmas and a happy new year we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year reporter: we want to see ur your faces now. we're out here from now until 11:00 p.m. back to you guys in the studio. we appreciate it. >> they sound so good. >> boy, they do, don't they? >> thanks, tony. >> so many people coming out to help out this morning, we appreciate it. tony, thank you so much. 8:18 right now. let's head downtown to capitol hill and check in with chris wallace, host of "fox news sunday" which you can see here every sunday on fox 5. good morning. reporter: that put me in a christmassy mood. >> hopefully it puts people in the giving mood as well. let's talk a little bit about what's coming up on sunday
8:18 am
morning because you'll be talking politics as always. let's talk gop right now. herman cain has not yet stepped out of this race, but everyday we seem to hear more and more and that his wife did not know about this certain friendship he had, allegations now that he may have been paying his friend. is he done, and if he is done, should he step aside and let others move forward? >> well, first of all, i gotta say he must have a different relationship than i do with my wife because if somebody had come out and said i had a 13- year affair on monday, what's today, friday? he's supposedly meeting with his wife today, i think i would have gotten home before friday. i think i might have -- mrs. wallace would have said, honey, let's get home and talk about this tuesday or wednesday. >> not to mention i'm pretty sure if i get a text message somebody seems to know about it, even if it's from allison over here. it kind of surprises me how this has all worked out. but he's going to have to go home and face the music with his wife at least. what about with the gop? >> my guess is, and i don't
8:19 am
have any inside information, i would be surprised if he steps out right now. look, if he quits now it looks like this forced him from the race and he may decide and maybe his wife will insist that he do that, but if he stays on until iowa and, let's say, he doesn't do well and certainly if you were to chart his path in the polls, it was up and now it's a steady downward movement and it started long before this, of course, you know, he's just another guy who dropped out in iowa and that might allow him to leave and it isn't that long from now, it's just over a month with a little bit more dignity. so i would be a little surprised if he gets out this week, but i've been surprised before. we'll see. >> and we've certainly had these people who had surges and then fallen off over the last couple of months. newt gingrich the latest to make a surge. newt gingrich one person now along with mitt romney would love to see this as a two-man race. >> except that i think romney is a little surprised and a little concerned about how well gingrich is doing. and you're exactly right,
8:20 am
steve, that's been the story here, romney stays steady, about 20%, 25%, but 3/4 of the electorate is looking for an alternative to romney, a more reliable conservative, obviously concerned about the flip-flops. first it was donald trump, then it was bachmann, then it was perry, then it was cain, now it's gingrich. gingrich has been in the spotlight for a long time, he's been fully vetted. he's a controversial character, but i don't know that he's going to come and go as easily as the others did. i think he could stick around for a while and provide some real competition for romney. mitt romney preferred a one- person race, it's a two-person race. >> we all know once you get to the top, that scrutiny gets tougher and tougher. thanks, chris, we'll see you on sunday. >> you got it, steve. >> "fox news sunday" right here on fox 5 news. honda has issued a worldwide recall, steve because of potentially faulty airbags. the japanese car maker says some bags could inflate with too much pressure during a
8:21 am
crash. the recall involves about 304,000 vehicles. most were sold in the u.s. it includes the accord, civic, odyssey, pilot, crv and other models from 2001 and 2002. now so far there have been 20 accidents related to the problem. two people have died. owners of these models should contact a honda dealer. and general motors announced it will buy back any chevy volts from owners if they are worried that their car will catch fire. safety concerns were raised after the battery packs of three cars did catch fire during testing. no fires have been reported from actual owners. the ceo at gm, though, maintains the cars are safe, he just wants to keep customers happy. 8:22 right now on this friday morning. our commuter news not finished yet. up next news for all of you metro riders. also new mama holly morris will call in. she's going to tell us about her little bundle of joy. that's coming up in our next half hour. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be
8:22 am
right back. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ]
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8:24 am
in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. metro closing six redline stations this weekend for track
8:25 am
work. it says it plans to close tacoma, forest glenn, wheaton and glen month stations. they will not reopen until month morning. so if you plan on taking that part of the redline, there will be free shuttle buses between rhode island avenue. the at about 20 minutes to your travel time. how about this news from metro, get ready to pay a little bit more, a $125 million deficit mean there will be more fare yeeses. >> metro's board last night met to discuss the increases. one proposal would eliminate the peak of the peak surcharge during busier periods. other riders who use paper fare cards would pay a flat fee of $3 or $6 depending on where you get on. other plans call for peak fares to stay the same, but off peak would now only be 10% less. critics of this say that would only cause more people to ride during the busiest times. the time right now is 8:26 on this friday morning. today is our 10th annual stuff
8:26 am
a truck campaign, our effort to raise money and collect food for the capital area food bank. our weather guys, well, they are out there accepting donations. they're in rockville and northeast d.c. we'll check in with tony and tucker when we come back. stay with us. 8:26. 8:26. [ screaming ]
8:27 am
8:28 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered.
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nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. you hear that sound and hopefully you think about helping others. it is our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign, you can help out the capital area food bank this season by calling 202-395- 3307. that is your exclusive hotline to help. you'll get a hold of one of these great volunteers who are helping out this morning. there's a phone that's available right now. people at home pick up your phone and call. if you want to call in with a monetary donation, there's the number again. that's just one way you can help out.
8:30 am
>> that's right. we're also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood in the district, hyattsville on east west highway and also montrose crossing and greenbriar shopping center. that's all now through 11:00 tonight. let's check in now with our tony perkins. he is at brentwood at that location. good morning, tony. reporter: hello. >> hello. >> hey, tony perkins with us out in brentwood. we want to let you know, first of all, you can stop at any of these locations, we're featuring brentwood right now because that's where tony is, you can stop by any of these locations and make your donation. tony, you've got some activity there, you're having a good time. reporter: we are having a good time. what you have not heard yet is some live gospel music. there's a band rehearsing back here. we have to keep quieting them down when we do these hits, but they've provided music people and having a great time. speaking of music you may
8:31 am
remember yiana crawly who was on our show about a month ago? >> yes. reporter: local singer, local girl who's made good. how are you? >> i'm great, tony, how are you? reporter: i'm great. can you tell me who this little man is? >> this is theus. reporter: hello, theus. are you in a good mood? >> uh, no. >> he'll wake up. reporter: i understand, i know how it goes. what brings you out here this morning? >> well, it's very important for me to give back. the stuff the truck is a wonderful idea. this is my area. i live in this area, i grew up in southeast washington d.c., so i always have to come when the community is getting involved. so i'm out here giving away food and whatever else i can give away to the people that are less fortunate, especially in the holiday season. it's very hard. so i'm out here, tony. reporter: that's great. we've been saying all morning long we need the donations. there are more people -- there are more people hungry this
8:32 am
year than in years past with the tough economy, so we need everyone to come out. you want to do a little singing for us as long as you're up there? >> i guess i'll do something. we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, i'm out here doing great things for my community reporter: lovely. very, very nice. thank you so much. if you're a fan, come on out and do like yiani has done and make a contribution. theus, did you want to say something else? >> say merry christmas. reporter: no merry christmas? no. come on. >> look at the camera and say hello. reporter: your friends are watching right now. say hi to your friends. [ laughter ] >> it's too early, tony. reporter: that's okay. we're very glad you came out. >> thank you. merry christmas. reporter: you too. thank you very much. come on by and make a donation. things are going well, but we want to fill up these baskets so we can start to stuff this truck.
8:33 am
that's what we're trying to do, folks, so come on out and do that. let's find out what's going on -- -- wait a minute. you got something here? >> no. reporter: we want to find out what's happening in rockville. tucker is out there. tucker, how's it going with you? reporter: tony, we're having a great time out here. you mentioned filling those baskets. we want to fill this truck behind me by later tonight, so we encourage you to come down here to montrose right outside the giant. you can see we've got a great crowd right now. coming up in a couple of minutes we'll have a lot of dancing from studio 310. a lot to look forward to in the next hour and a half or so. let's get to the weather forecast and bright sunshine across the area. you can see it's going to be a beautiful day. we're expecting highs in the middle 50s later this afternoon and that's after a cold one. still cold out here with temperatures in the 30s. right now mid-30s across the immediate washington area, still hanging onto some 20s off to the north and west. it'll be that way for another hour or two. but with light winds and plenty of sunshine today, we should see temperatures rebound well
8:34 am
into the 50s, i think even warmer than yesterday, probably mid-50s. satellite and radar if we've got one, you can see not a lot to talk about. we do have a cold front off to the north and west. that will breeze through here later today. you might notice the wind shifting out of the west and north and west and that'll lock in the cool for our day on saturday. but it should be a beautiful day, a beautiful afternoon and a great looking weekend. going to the redskins game this weekend, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s. here's your forecast, mostly sunny skies, a light breeze out of the north and west. high temperature, we'll go 56 in washington. as we look towards the weekend and early next week, dry this weekend, temperatures a little cooler tomorrow behind the cold front, and then rain returns to the forecast by next monday and tuesday. we'll go with a 50% chance of rain by monday afternoon with highs about 60 degrees. that's a look at the forecast. coming up in a couple minutes, as prommed, studio 310, they're going to give it their all here coming up. we've got a lot of people here. we're having a great time out here. steve and allison, we'll toss it back to you guys, wish you were out here with me. >> we do too, tucker, looks
8:35 am
like a lot of fun. >> looks like it's warming up up out there. coming up we just got the new unemployment numbers here in the newsroom. things are looking a little better perhaps. >> we'll have that for you when we come back. and we'll also talk to new mom holly morris who had that little baby less than 12 hours ago. as we take a to break, though, a special holiday greeting. >> stationed in south korea, want to tell my mom, brother and sister back in district heights, maryland that i love them and miss them. i'll be home in 90 days. 
8:36 am
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8:38 am
new unemployment numbers just into the fox 5 newsroom and they look good. the jobless rate fell last month in the month of november to the lowest level in more than two years. it dropped from 9% to 8.6% last month, lowest level since the spring of 2009. dow futures responding now, up about 144 points. a full report coming up next hour. if you're looking for work, don't forget to check out our job shop. today's job of the day is with
8:39 am
the u.s. marine corps. looking for a civilian supervisory financial management analyst. pay between $80,000 and $90,000 a year. for more on this job and many others, go to, click on -- go to coming up on this friday morning, of course we need your help today to help the less fortunate. >> our 10th annual stuff a truck food drive is under way. we're accepting monetary and food donations for the capital area food bank. we're going to check in on the efforts when we come back. 8:40 now.  to make a commitment
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8:43 right now. today is our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign. here's how you can help the capital area food bank, if you'd like to call in a donation, the number is 202-895- 3307. we are also collecting nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville on east west highway, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center now through 11:00
8:43 am
tonight. all morning long the weather guys have been out and about at some of these locations. tucker barnes is up in rockville at the montrose crossing center. i don't even know if tucker can hear us because of those screams all around him from these young folks. tucker, good morning. reporter: steve, i'm surrounded by your admirers this morning. they're, like, we all love steve. you love steve? >> yeah. reporter: i got liz here and what's your last name? >> cora. reporter: studio 310? >> studio 310. reporter: where are you guys out of? >> rockville, maryland. reporter: tell me what to look forward to today and why you are out here joining me this morning. >> first of all, thank you for having us out here. we are out here doing our special holiday dances, i selected a couple of classes who are working really hard this season, so proud of them and we're out here to support you guys and this fabulous food drive. reporter: i just want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and your parents. i know it's cold out here this morning. i guess you guys are getting to miss a class or two this morning? >> yeah! reporter: so it's not all bad.
8:44 am
>> totally worth it. reporter: it's totally worth it. all right, liz, i want to get out of your way because i'll only do damage if i try to dance with you guys. are you guys ready to dance? >> we are so ready. reporter: i'm out of your way. liz, take it away. >> all right, guys, go get in your spots. from the top. reporter: liz, make them do their thing. as we're getting ready to dance, liz, are we going to do this? we want to again thank studio 310 for coming out. we encourage you guys to come out. we'll be out here until 11:00 tonight.
8:45 am
8:46 am
reporter: all right, guys we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. thank you, studio 310. thank you, everybody. thanks, everybody, for coming out. steve, allison, i'll toss it back to you guys at the desk. it's starting to warm up. come out and joins us. >> it looks really nice. you don't have to head out to one of the stores.
8:47 am
if you're in the area and you can make it, that's fantastic. if it's easier to make a phone call from home or office, that's another way to help out the capital area food bank. we have five great volunteers that have been here all morning nonstop taking the phone calls. hillary is one of them. how's is going so far? >> it's going really well. i was on the phone 30 minutes straight just a little while ago. it's a fantastic thing. >> we talked earlier and we were talking about the fact that no donation is too small. >> absolutely not. >> every dollar can make a difference. you've gotten some pretty good donations? >> we have. we've gotten a lot of $5 and $10 donations and we've also gotten donations up to $1,000. people are very generous. >> hillary, i'll ask you, you've been a part of this at so many levels, you've been in the parking lots. >> i have. >> now you're on the phones you've been helping the capital area food bank for so long. how can you explain how this helps, even if it's only a few dollars? >> every dollar that people donate can provide three meals. if you think about that, even a
8:48 am
$5 donation, it's 15 meals to people in need. so your donations go a really long way. >> unfortunately we're finding that more and more people are in need, right? >> the need is growing and, you know, we regret that it is, but we're so glad that people are supporting us to help their neighbors in need. >> it's great for the folks who are at home and we hope you continue to do what you can. it's nice to have that feeling of knowing that you helped out a little bit. >> absolutely. >> now for you you get to see the other end. what's it like to see the people come in and actually receive that food? >> oh, it's incredible. we have folks out lining the blocks sometimes at some of our partner agencies where we distribute the food and, you know, just to know that people are getting helped in that way, it means everything. >> it's one of those things to see -- it's one of those things it's frustrating to see that many people but great to help those people out at the same time. >> absolutely. we wish we didn't have to exist as an organization, we wish we could close our doors, but while we're still around and there's people in need, we're so glad we have the support of the community.
8:49 am
>> hillary, your phone is buzzing. we'll let you get back to it. we'll let you get the donations. thanks so much to everybody. here's the number again, 202- 895-3307 and you can talk to one of these folks here taking your donation this morning. all right, allison, we'll send it back to you because i know you have more important things to talk about. >> i have important things to talk about indeed. we're talking about stuff a truck and every year you've seen our holly morris out there usually in rockville, drumming up support for everybody else who needs it. well, she is off. she's taking some well-deserved time off right now because, guess what, she is a brand new mama and she is up early with us. you're not here, but you are with us in spirit. holly, how do you feel? congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. i'm just overwhelmed with joy and i'm usually one that doesn't lack for something to say, it's hard to find the words, as you well know because you have three beautiful girls, but it just really describes
8:50 am
the emotion and how it feels to all of a sudden there be two of you and now there's three of us and we're just this beautiful little family. >> ah, to meet that baby. you didn't even know the sex of the baby, you weren't saying the name of the baby, so please dish. you had a little boy. >> we have a beautiful little boy. he's seven pounds, 21 inches, so he's long and lean. >> just like mama and daddy. >> yeah. his name is hayden clayburg espy. >> how i described it, holly is you've never been in love like you are right now in this moment. you love thomas differently, but looking at that little face, i mean, can your heart just burst right now? >> my heart can burst. i was kidding because i woke up early, right, no surprise there and i'm, like, okay, they're stuffing a truck as i unstuff my belly which feels good. i said, hayden, we got to watch channel 5. so we put it on and it's just -- i just look at his little face and he's got little
8:51 am
blond hair and he's got these beautiful blue eyes, and dare i say he looks like me? maybe i'm a little biased. >> speaking of your other half, how is thomas doing? >> he is already father of the year as we are speaking. he's changing hayden's diaper. >> cute. >> and taking care of him so that i can talk to you all and he's just been wonderful, as you can imagine. actually, hayden slept pretty well through the night off and on and tom has been right here and obviously i couldn't have done it without him. >> we have a beautiful picture of this new little baby we're showing it now. he is a knockout, holly. >> i know. i told him last night when i was holding him, i said, oh, my gosh, you're going to be a lady killer, i'm telling you. then i quickly said you're never leaving your mama. what are you talking about. >> what is it they say -- what
8:52 am
is the thing, they say that a son leaves mama when he gets a wife, but we'll keep this baby close. i'm going to help you do it. >> i'm trying to change that saying. i don't want him to go anywhere. >> how do you feel? let's talk about you. how are you feeling because all through your pregnancy, you just looked as beautiful as the first day that we met and you only had that baby bump. i suspect when i see you again, you will look like you did basically last year. >> don't you have a marathon to run next week, holly? >> actually, i feel great, maybe like his mother, hayden has a flare for the dramatic and intrigue or maybe like his mother he was just stubborn. he took his little time getting here. he didn't just pop right out, but when he did, he was perfect in every way, as you know. and i really -- actually, i really do, i feel good, and like i said, there's no other
8:53 am
way i can say it than to say i'm just overwhelmed with emotion. >> holly, congratulations. he is just so handsome. i want to let you know to make you feel a little bit better, you said you were watching stuff a truck and tucker is back in your old stomping grounds there in rockville, and he was really nervous this morning because he knows that you own that area on stuff a truck day and he knows had had to try to -- he had to try to step into those shoes. >> tucker never disappoints. obviously he can do great. just tell everyone that i wish i was there, but, of course, i prefer to be here with my new little baby boy, and it was funny. i tell ya, technology is such an amazing thing because hayden was born at 9:00 last night, and, you know, right away you're able to text and call and everything. and my producer paul who i also know is out there the montrose crossing, he organized everything so wonderful, i know he went to the caps game last night and i texted him.
8:54 am
i said, listen, while you were at the hockey game, i have a knew soon-to-be caps fan here. he's ready to rock the red. >> now hayden has his own twitter account set up and ready to go. >> no, i'm limiting that, steve. he's, like, i'm loosey goosy, but i think i'm going to be a disciplinarian, or maybe overprotective. >> i wouldn't doubt it. he is well worth it. good to talk to you, get some rest. i can't wait to see that little baby in person. we love and miss you and congratulations to you and thomas. >> thank you and thank you guys for all your love and all the texts, just wonderful care and concern i got throughout the whole process and especially as it all began yesterday. and so i love each and every one of you, and this has just been such a blessing to be able to share with my fox 5 family. >> get some rest. we'll see you soon. we'll be right back. q spots again.
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almost 9:00 now on this very special stuff a trunk friday here on the fox 5 morning news. we have one more hour to go. let's turn things over with allison. she's with sarah to take us up to 10:00. >> have a great weekend, steve. we have a very big show for you today as we continue to kick off the 10th year of stuff a truck. we are at four area giant stores today taking donations for the capital area food bank and we invite you to stop by and drop off your nonperrishable food items at the giant food stores in brentwood, hyattsville, montrose crossing and greenbriar shopping center now through 11:00 tonight. and our tucker barnes is also live from the montrose crossing location. tony is standing by in brentwood. we're going to check in with
8:59 am
both of them throughout the hour. now, if you can't stop by out there, we understand, but you can still pick up the phone. we're here for you. our phone bank is open right now, taking your calls and your donations. you just have to call us at 202- 895-3307 right now with a monetary donation. again, the number there on your screen. they're waiting for you. >> as we mentioned, we are out and about in the community. we're going to kick things off this hour with our tony perkins. tony is at the brentwood giant northeast. tony, how's it going? the bins look like they're getting pretty full. hey, tony. hello. reporter: hi there, how are you? >> good. reporter: there's a lot going on out here. sorry about that. come on over, ma'am. we are here in brentwood, as you guys said, and we've got a lot going on for stuff a truck 2011. take a look at the baskets here. we've had so many donations this morning. this is great and the more that comes, we'll


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